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Web Site Design and Development at AWAN

Awan Software creates websites for your business using the following steps :

• Develop Website Strategy
• Information Gathering
• Planning
• Website Design
• Website Development
• Testing and Fine Tuning

Develop Website Strategy

Awan team will work with you to develop a website strategy by analyzing your business model and your target audience with a price that suites your budget.

Information Gathering


The content materials that you provide like marketing brochures, pictures, price list, contact information etc. help us fill the design template that you select.



Based on the strategy and launching timeframe, an Awan representative will come up with a plan to finish the project on time.

Website Design


Awan's design team will contact you with few suitable design templates. You get to chose the one that best suites your business model.

Website Development


Awan's Marketing and Engineering will go thru several iterative phases of site map preparation, graphics design, web content development, server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration and e-commerce development to develop a website that matches exactly what you need. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Testing and Fine Tuning


A team of dedicated test engineers will test the site for functionality, usability, performance and security. Your online safety is our top most priority.